Consumables are commonly found in The Binding of Issac Rebirth. They are dropped occasionally upon clearing a room, killing a Champion variant enemy or strewn across the ground in rooms.

These include Coins, Keys, Hearts, and Bombs.

Coins Edit

Coins are common consumables with more variants than most other consumables.

Pennies Edit

These are the most common coin, with a worth of only 1 cent.

Double Pennies Edit

Only available through the use of the Humbling Bundle, it is worth 2 cents.

Nickels Edit

These are a rare variant to the penny, worth 5 cents.

Dimes Edit

An even rarer penny variant with a worth of 10 cents.

Quarter Edit

Found replacing an actual item, is unlocked by beating Mom's Heart an undisclosed amount of times. It is worth 25 cents.

Dollar Edit

Found by blowing up arcade machines, in items rooms and many other ways. Caps out your money and commonly thought to be worth 100 cents, (Buncha psychos they are).