Bosses are tough enemies found in the Boss Room at the end of every floor. They drop an item from the boss pool of items when defeated.



The HauntEdit

The Haunt is a ghostly looking boss surrounded by little ghost babies. Little is known because I haven't seen any footage of what it does.


Monstro is a large blob of flesh with a hair lip. It is a veteran of the first game as well. It attacks by firing a spray

Monstro and Issac

of red tears varying in size. It also moves by jumping around and can perform a super jump where it flies off screen to plumet down and spray red tears everywhere.

Larry Jr.Edit

Larry Jr. is another basement boss which spawns as two segmented worms. To defeat Larry, attack the segments, if one joining two groups of two or more segments, Larry will split into more Larries.

The Dark RoomEdit

The LambEdit

(The Lamb Is A Boss Witch You Fight In The Sheol.)